Property History

In the heart of the Swiss landscape, the chalet, a vision birthed in the vibrant 1960s, stands gracefully by a tranquil lake. The brainchild of the Grafs, this picturesque abode, with handcrafted timbers and beams, was more than architecture; it was an emotion.

For over six decades, travelers have been embraced by the authentic Swiss charm the Grafs family offered. Their ethos? Genuine warmth and a sense of belonging for every guest.

But eras change. June 2023 saw the chalet transition from the Grafs’ hands to new guardians. With deep respect for its storied past, the new owner, OASE Real Estate AG seeks to preserve its legacy while weaving in new tales and memories.

Today, as you step into this emblematic Swiss chalet by the lake, you’ll not only experience its rich history but also become a part of its ongoing story. A story that began with a dream in the 1960s and continues to enchant and inspire.

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